Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1st Snow is a Doooozy!

So.... Sunday night it snowed. Big. Lots. Well... is 8 inches a lot? Everyone around here seems to think so. Monday.... snowed.... more... a lot. Is another 6 inches a lot?
Tuesday.... beautiful day. No new snow so far. I've got about a foot of soft, fresh powder on the ground. Truly, so far, a Winter Wonderland.

But as I looked out the window on Monday morning, to see the fresh blanket of snow, my first thought was "how beautiful!". My second thought was "what in the heck have I done, moving up here?"
See, my city-boyness began to panic a little bit. My woodpile was under a foot of snow (safely beneath a tarp to keep dry, but still), my car was in a parking lot around the corner, literally buried in snow (how was I going to get to work??). My porch was a foot deep and there was just snow EVERYWHERE!!!
I was thinking I'd made a mistake moving up here.

However... after digging the car out, driving slowly back down the street toward my home, stopping and learning how to put chains on the car... suddenly the snow wasn't quite so scary. I went to Safeway just so I could drive and feel the freedom!

One of my big fears was driving in the snow. I have a Dodge Magnum after all, not exactly a back-country type of car. I scrape the bottom of my car going over small curbs. But with the chains on, she rolls across the snow and ice very nicely. Just gotta go slow and take it easy.

Today I was up early, shoveled off the porch (using my handy electric power-shovel), and split some wood for the day's fire. I took my laundry over to the laundromat, took Lindsey to get some lunch, and was home by 2:30 to start a fire in the stove and cozy up for the afternoon.

Not a bad weekend for the my first days living with snow. I've talked to a lot of locals, a few neighbors, and everyone has been very helpful. Mostly, everyone just says the snow is no big deal. You get used to it, and when it's snowing bad or storming, you just hunker down and wait for it blow over, dig out, and get back to life. "Keep the candles and flashlights handy, and keep the fire in the stove going, you'll be fine" they say.
I think they cat has the right idea. Curl up by the heater, and take a nap.

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