Saturday, December 13, 2008

.......Aaaaaaaaaaaaand It Starts.....

The snow has begun......
No one mentioned how cold it gets..... Ok, they did, but can I just tell you again.... it's cold!

To add to my adventures today.... I blew a fuse in the circuit box this morning. Four o'clock in the morning, just as I was stepping INTO the shower. Yeah, so, I had to get dressed (shaving cream still on my face), go outside, unscrew the fuse (yeah, fuses, not circuit breakers), screw in the new one (which luckily for me was sitting on the inside of the fuse box) and get myself back inside. Oh... while holding the umbrella (it was rain/snowing) and trying not to fall on the already slick and icy front deck.

Goooooooooood Morning!

Well, the snow has slowed for now. Actually have a blue sky overhead (for the moment). House is warm with a crackling fire in the stove.

Gonna take Camie and go through the drive-thru Nativity at the church next door a little later. You know, we've had all this nice weather, nights staying in the upper 40's and 50's, and what happens when the poor folks schedule the Nativity Scene? The first day of snow, naturally!

Day one in "The Snow"..... check.

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