Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Well, it's officially the Christmas season. Decorations (such as they are) went up at the house today. I put up my little decorations around the house, and lit the gingerbread-vanilla candles.

Still no snow (as the new header photos shows) but the weather is finally starting to turn just a little colder. It's 4:45pm as I write this, and it's only 40 degrees outside. The weather forecast expects lows in the 20's this weekend.

I took a drive yesterday up Forebay Road a ways, down to what I think is one of the many forks of the American River that run through the Sierra's. Along the way some deer ran across my path, so I stopped for a photo or two.

The road wound around many miles of switchbacks till it reached the bottom of the canyon and a bridge that crossed the river. There was a SMUD power station fed by a large penstock running down the canyon wall above it. As I crossed the bridge I noticed a phenomenon I'd often read about but never, ever actually seen.

You know those signs they have on bridges that say, "Caution, bridge may be icy"? Well.... this was the first time I'd ever seen an icy bridge. The ambient temperature was about 45 degrees, but the bridge, directly over the river, had a very slippery layer of ice and frost on it. It was one of those things I'd heard of, but never actually seen for myself.

Ya, I've lived a sheltered life.

Anyway.... Merry Early Christmas, and may your season be filled with Joy, and a recognition of Who is the real Reason for the Season.

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